Translation (EN>ES)

Your dental documents translated with surgical precision. From patient information to consent forms, case reports, marketing materials, and even intricate dental device manuals—I’ve got you covered.

Editing & Proofreading

Enhance the quality and accessibility of your documents with bilingual or monolingual review services. I blend my linguistic expertise and academic knowledge to make your texts contextually accurate in Spanish.

Subtitle Translation

Expand your outreach to Spanish speakers. Whether it’s e-learning courses, presentations, or any other YouTube video, I’ll help you subtitle and localize your content to connect with Spanish-speaking viewers.

Medical writing services
Medical writing services
Dental Translation Services
Dental Translation Services
Medical editing and proofreading services
Medical editing and proofreading services
Audiovisual translation services
Audiovisual translation services

Medical Writing

Looking for informative patient materials, dental blog articles, or publishing your academic article? Trust a seasoned dental professional and medical writer for well-researched, evidence-based content on dental science and oral health.

Fields of Expertise

Translation of patient facing materials
Translation of patient facing materials

Patient-Facing Materials

  • Dental patient information forms

  • Dental informed consent/assent

  • Dental treatment and financial agreements

  • Dental treatment plan descriptions

  • Dental post-care instructions

  • Dental patient education materials (brochures, pamphlets, videos, etc.)

  • Dental appointment reminders

  • Dental insurance materials

  • Dental website copy, blog posts, and marketing materials

Translation of medical devices
Translation of medical devices

Dental Devices & Instruments

  • User manuals for dental equipment and devices

  • Maintenance and troubleshooting manuals for dental equipment and devices

  • Technical specifications for dental equipment and devices

  • Patents for dental equipment, devices, materials, products, and more.

Translation of clinical research documentation
Translation of clinical research documentation

Clinical Research Documentation

  • Research papers on dentistry and oral health

  • Dental education and training

  • Clinical trial protocols, informed consent forms, etc.

  • Employment contracts for dental professionals

  • Dental insurance policies and benefits description

  • Dental malpractice correspondence

Translation of dental websites and software
Translation of dental websites and software

Dental Websites and Software

  • Website translation and localization for dental clinics, offices, start-ups, and professionals

  • Dental practice management software

  • Dental imaging software

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)

  • Dental CAD/CAM software

Translation of dental education documents
Translation of dental education documents

Dental e-Learning

  • Dental academic transcripts and diplomas

  • Dental continuing education materials

  • Dental patient education materials

  • Dental textbook chapters and manuals on general dentistry and its specialties (endodontics, periodontics, operative dentistry, pediatric dentistry, oral surgery, prosthodontics, oral pathology, and more)

  • Dental conference materials

The Translation Process

Assessment and Quote

When you reach out with your project, I will assess your document(s) and provide you with a comprehensive quote. This quote will include an estimated timeframe and clear payment terms. For new clients, I request a 50% upfront payment to initiate the project.


Upon acceptance of the quote and formalizing our agreement, I will begin the translation. I will expertly translate your texts using trusted resources and consider your specific needs and target audience. If you have existing glossaries, I will incorporate them for consistency.

Quality Assurance

I adhere to professional associations' codes of conduct regarding confidentiality and quality assurance. To ensure the highest quality, my translations are carefully reviewed by a second linguist. This collaborative approach guarantees an error-free and polished result.


Before delivering, I will do a final proofreading of the revised translation to ensure it meets your expectations. Then, I will provide you with the translated documents in the desired format within the agreed timeframe.


Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to me. If you require any further clarification or assistance regarding the translation, I am always available to address them. I would also appreciate your feedback!

Why work with me?

Native Spanish and Excellent English Proficiency
I'm a native Spanish and proficient English speaker. I guarantee that your translations are flawlessly crafted, capturing the subtleties of both languages. This linguistic expertise also allows smooth communication, resulting in the highest quality translation and strengthening your connection with Spanish-speaking clients or patients.


Specialized Dental Knowledge
My background as a dentist and medical translator means that I require less time for documentation, and I use that as leverage. I can translate your documents efficiently, with fast turnaround and uncompromised quality. Whether you are a dental practitioner, educator, or author, I meet your specific needs.

Direct Relationship
I am your dedicated point of contact throughout the entire process. This direct collaboration allows clear communication, faster response times, and a deeper understanding of your needs. You can expect consistent terminology, style, and tone across all your texts, ensuring brand consistency and a cohesive message.

Cultural Competency
Cultural appropriateness allows you to connect with your Spanish-speaking clients, partners, or patients on a deeper and more personal level. I understand the importance of prioritizing and considering regional variations and cultural nuances to make your message resonate with native speakers.

Collaboration and Quality Assurance
I work with a second linguist to ensure thorough proofreading, resulting in a polished and error-free translation. Moreover, I can also assist if you require translation services in a different language. I have access to an extensive network of professional medical translators with expertise beyond English and Spanish.

Continuing Professional Development
I am committed to CPD activities and prioritize staying up-to-date with the latest dental and language industry innovations. I strive to provide excellent language services by combining my passion for lifelong learning with my dental background and linguistic experience, constantly seeking opportunities to expand my skills in both fields.

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