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Who am I?

Hi! I'm Dr. Mario Muchacho, a dentist and medical translator dedicated to filling language gaps in healthcare.

My specialty? I offer a rare combination of dental skills and linguistic talentsI translate all things dental and medical from English to Spanish and craft engaging dental content in both languages.

As a general dentist, I deeply value the power of outstanding communication practices in delivering top-notch care and services. Whether you're a fellow dentist, a medical device manufacturer, a dental technician, or any other dental professional, I've got your back with tailored translations that fit your needs.

But I also offer more than translations. With my experience in different dental branches, such as endodontics, periodontics, and pediatric dentistry, combined with my language skills, I understand the communication challenges dental professionals face when dealing with different languages and health literacy levels.

My mission is to help you effectively bridge the language gap in dental communication. Whether you need to create engaging dental content, communicate with patients, clients, or partners with limited English proficiency, or translate your dental education materials for Spanish-speaking audiences, I am dedicated to providing high-quality solutions.

If you're looking for a medical translator and writer with a dental edge, look no further. Let's chat and discuss how we can bridge the gaps between oral health and language barriers!


Mario Muchacho, DDS


University Education

  • Universidad de Carabobo – Valencia, Venezuela
    Degree obtained: Odontólogo (DDS)

Continuing Professional Development

  • AulaSICOnline Specialization
    Specialization in Medical Translation

  • Universidad de Antioquia – Certificate
    Regulatory Compliance of Oral Health Services

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